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Bringing the handcrafted element into your home.


Custom range hoods are one of our most requested items, and for good reason. We build a superior product bycombining the finest metals with time-honored construction techniques, but at the same time use custom 3D CAD design in an effort to provide a premier planning experience for our clients. Our range hoods can be constructed from any metal and we will also create a custom blower/insert for your needs, or build your new hood to accommodate an existing blower unit.


A mainstay of many Arts and Crafts and Prairie homes, copper fireplace hoods have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the typical features one will find on custom fireplace hoods are solid rivet joinery, heavily textured surfaces and decorative repousse motifs, to name a few. We custom design each fireplace hood per client and apply traditional metalworking techniques when fabricating our custom fireplace hoods.


Our custom metal countertops are available in any countertop thickness and are made exclusively with 16 ga. materials, such as copper, zinc, or pewter. Any metal—or a combination of metals—can be specified, and we weld all corners, seams and edges. Your countertops will be delivered with glued-in cabinet grade plywood and ready for installation. We also offer custom metal offer backsplashes, tables, bartops, pot racks, and sinks (either integrated with a countertop or as a stand-alone).


Our custom sinks are custom made per client to any dimensions, layout or design. They can be made out of all of our normal material selections and are always welded 16-gauge construction. Our sinks are made with either rounded or straight corners and we offer a large variety of options and details to customize your sink. In our portfolio to the left you will see some examples of towel bars and repousse along the apron to make your sink one-of-a-kind. We also build custom countertops and your sink can be integrated into a metal countertop.


We design and fabricate a handful of custom outdoor projects every year. Although we are primarily a welding shop, our craft is born out of the traditional coppersmith techniques of double lap joinery and soldered seams. All of our outdoor work utilizes these fabrication techniques, along with the option of solid rivet joinery. We also offer the option of any outdoor project being crafted from thick welded materials, which would guarantee a product lifespan well beyond a century.


Vogler Metalwork & Design offers pre-finished sheet metal by the foot in any of our distinct finishes, as well as any custom finish you may be after. Architects and designers can now specify a certain "look" based on our swatch samples and then we will prepare and ship finished materials to be installed/fabricated using your construction crew. Applications include crown moulding, decorative edges, cornices, soffits, a countertops, and more.


Vogler Metalwork & Design has crafted numerous custom pieces for clients across the country, both residential and commercial. We're up to any challenge and look forward to making your vision a reality. Please call us during our regular business hours to discuss your project needs.


Brass/ Bronze

  • Brass and bronze add warmth to any room. Their subtle tones of yellow and gold work well as an accent metal, particularly when patinated to a dark tone and highlighted with a light burnish to bring out the original color. Below are traditional patinas for brass and bronze. (pictured: Natural Bronze, Light Antique Bronze, Medium Antique Bronze, Dark Antique Bronze)


  • To say zinc is a strange metal would be an understatement. From a metalworker's perspective it has its own set of rules. Mastering its workability requires patience and acceptance of a long learning curve, especially when being used to working with metals such as copper or steel. Below you will see our most popular zinc finishes, but we also have numerous weathered zinc patinas available. Zinc is an especially popular material or countertops and range hoods. (pictured: Natural Zinc, Light Antique Zinc, Medium Antique Zinc, Dark Antique Zinc, Vintage Zinc)


  • Copper is an exciting metal with an almost limitless palette of colors possible. A mainstay of rustic and old world design, copper is the honest choice for fine handcrafted metalwork. These selections are our traditional patinas for copper range hoods, chimney pots, farmhouse sinks and countertops. (pictured: Light Antique Copper, Medium Antique Copper, Dark Antique Copper, Light Brown Copper, Medium Brown Copper, Dark Brown Copper)


  • Steel is the "almost forgotten" medium when it comes to custom interior metalwork; its cousin stainless steel gets all of the attention. Raw steel is a reliable metal with a robust collection of colors and finishes available—almost comparable to copper—and makes an excellent choice for kitchen hoods and fireplace hoods. These selections are our most popular steel finishes. (pictured: Natural Steel, Light Antique Steel, Medium Antique Steel, Blackened Steel, Forged Steel, Rust Steel)


  • Pewter is a metal that is both soft on the eyes and the hands. Its cool, grayish tones keep its setting calm and cool. With an extremely low melting point its weldability can be quite a challenge, but its malleability makes it as limitless as copper when it comes to forming options for edge details, repousse, etc. These selections are our traditional patinas for pewter. (pictured: Natural Pewter, Light Antique Pewter, Medium Antique Pewter)


  • Metals enhanced with custom textures are one of the sure ways to set your project apart. These work well as accents to the larger piece but also do very well on the entire canvas. These selections are most of our custom textures we have done on our projects. Range hoods, countertops and fireplace hoods are the most widely used applications. (pictured: Fully Hammered, Microhammered, Distressed, Cross Peen, Warty, Metal Crete)